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Micro-Fulfillment Centers Expand FreshDirect’s Washington DC Warehouse Delivery Service

A new micro-fulfillment center in the Washington DC area is set to launch FreshDirect’s same-day warehouse delivery service. The brand new center will expand the service for consumers and businesses, offering customers the possibility of same-day delivery. This will improve local businesses’ ability to supply products quickly and affordably. FreshDirect will launch its new Washington DC warehouse delivery service at the conclusion of April. The business can also be looking to expand its warehouse delivery service with the addition of a same-day pickup option.

Fabric’s warehouse delivery service

After launching FreshDirect Express in New York last month, Fabric announced its first deployment in the U.S. by partnering with online grocer FreshDirect to supply two-hour on-demand grocery delivery in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. The business, formerly called Commonsense Robotics, plans to launch the service later this year. Fabric’s new Washington DC warehouse will be supported by FreshDirect’s primary facility in the Bronx.

The partnership also extends FreshDirect’s existing metro D.C. delivery service to the Silver Spring/Potomac, Maryland, and Vienna/Dulles, Virginia areas. The brand new service will allow customers to position orders within two-hour windows, and will complement the present next-day service provided by the company. With increased than 170 team members globally and two live micro-fulfillment centers, Fabric is quickly expanding its U.S. operations.

FreshDirect’s micro-fulfillment center

A micro-fulfillment center is just a distribution center that will handle orders on a tiny scale. The brand new Washington DC facility will house approximately 10,000 square feet and process orders daily. The center will be receiving product daily from FreshDirect’s Bronx warehouse. The brand new facility was originally scheduled to open sometime this summer. However, FreshDirect made a decision to delay the opening and instead announced it would begin operating in late 2020.

Fabric offers service-based and on-site micro-fulfillment solutions designed to increase the speed of filling orders in small spaces. FreshDirect plans to implement Fabric technology in its Washington DC micro-fulfillment centers to make sure faster delivery times to customers in the Washington DC, Silver Spring-Potomac, and Vienna-Dulles metro areas. The partnership with Fabric will allow FreshDirect to supply same-day and two-hour on-demand services to customers across the metro area.

Fabric’s inbound and outbound logistics

A new micro-fulfillment center called Fabric is set to launch in Washington, D.C., this year. The business use shuttle robots to maneuver product containers to human assembly workers, who will assemble orders and merge items which are picked beyond your robotic system. The facility is a micro-fulfillment center run by Fabric workers and FreshDirect. Inbound and outbound logistics will be handled by FreshDirect.

FreshDirect recently rebranded from FreshDirect to launch the same on-demand service in New York City. But the company’s micro-fulfillment technology has been tested at Fabric’s Washington, D.C., facility. The business said it is considering adding the technology to its other facilities. The Washington, DC,-metro area could accommodate around four MFCs under an individual brand.

Fabric’s Green Delivery Service

The company’s green warehouse delivery service might help customers conserve money and the surroundings while still offering the ease of online grocery. It uses a hybrid fulfillment method that combines automation and human labor. Fabric’s robotics are orchestrated by artificial intelligence (AI) that breaks orders into tasks and delegate them autonomously. Robots get packages awaiting shipment, move them to dispatch, and load them onto vans and scooters. Fabric debuted its first sorting center in Tel Aviv last October. It covers 6,000 square feet and services approximately 400 orders a day. That’s a great deal smaller than most fulfillment centers that service as much as a million orders daily.


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