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Firebird Lounge & Bar in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Firebird lounge & bar in Yaoundé, Cameroun is an upscale establishment that serves steaks and seafood within an upscale setting. As well as its upscale atmosphere, the restaurant supplies a wide variety of cocktails. This restaurant also hosts private parties and upscale events.

Yaoundé Night club

Firebird lounge & bar is really a funky and lively nightclub in the heart of Yaoundé, Cameroon. This lively nightclub offers an excellent selection of drinks, along with a range of DJ sets. It even offers a treat bar and is frequented by Cameroonian and international clients. Its terrace becomes a romantic retreat at night, with its enchanting views of the city. Looking More visit Yaoundé Night club.

The fire at Cameroon’s popular nightclub, Liv’s, was suspected to own been caused by fireworks. Although fireworks are typical in nightclubs, the loud explosions caused panic among patrons. The nightclub is located in a wealthy neighborhood, near embassies and luxury residences. The fire claimed 16 lives and left eight seriously injured. The us government, in a statement, called the deaths a tragedy.

The blaze started at approximately 2 a.m. and spread quickly. The nightclub is found close to the foreign embassies. The nightclub is close to the city center and is home to a variety of international and local bands. In addition it features a full bar.

Cameroun upscale lounge & night club

Firebird Lounge is really a well-known upscale lounge in Douala, Cameroon. It supplies a wide selection of entertainment to affluent and international clients. The club is really a hotspot for African parties, business networking events, and exclusive business gatherings. Guests can also have a wide selection of drinks and food options.

Cameroun is a country situated on the western coast of central Africa, and is hosting the Africa Cup of Nations, an opposition featuring 24 countries. This upscale lounge and night club is close to many foreign embassies and is among the premier nightlife destinations in the country. It has live music performances every night and the full service bar.

The nightlife scene in Cameroon is vibrant and noisy, and upscale lounges and night clubs are a fantastic way to spend an evening. You may also enjoy local cuisine while dancing and listening to reside music. Although Cameroon is not the safest country on earth, locals are extremely friendly and will mingle with you and other visitors.

Top private & upscale events

If you’re arranging a private or upscale event, you may want to think about hosting your event at Firebird Lounge & Bar. This elegant venue offers upscale dining and a comprehensive wine list. The Woodfired Steakhouse serves authentic wood-fired steaks, bold flavors, and specialty cocktails. The venue offers exceptional service and upscale dining at an inexpensive price.


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