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Where to Buy Belinskaya Kisela Mineral Water in Moscow

While in Moscow, you may have heard about Belinskaya kisela mineral water. This mineral water is widely consumed throughout Russia. However, the question that may come to your mind is where to buy it. Well, this article will provide you with the answer to that question. Read on to learn where to buy Belinskaya kisela mineral water in Moscow.

The company that owns 60% of this mineral water is the Alfa Group, a Russian conglomerate that was founded by Mikhail Fridman. However, the company was hit by sanctions following the Russian invasion. This led to the layoff of fifty employees in early May. Several of these people worked in the production department. The workers were also dismissed from the company after a successful strike. минеральные воды чехии купить

The impounding of Borjomi mineral water in Moscow is a result of Russia’s sanctions against Georgia. Georgian producers of the drink were denied access to the Moscow market as a result of the Russian ban. The Russian government has since worked out a bailout for the company. But the current crisis is not likely to improve trade relations with Georgia. There are many other factors that make Belinskaya kiselka mineral water so popular in Russia.

If you are in Moscow, you might wonder where to find Belinskaya Kisela. You can find this Russian mineral water at a grocery store. They also have baked goods and deli items, as well as imported specialty and personal care items. To get your hands on Belinskaya Kisela Mineral Water, visit one of these Moscow grocery stores:

Before the ban on the import of the drink, Russians consumed 75 million litres of it every year. Today, people in Russia swear by the drink as a hangover cure. Doctors prescribe it for its medicinal properties. If you are unable to find Belinskaya Kisela Mineral Water in Moscow, you can try the local brands. However, if you are looking for a bottled version, you should contact a company called FineWaters.

You can also try Borjomi type mineral water, which is produced in the south of Russia. It has long been a part of the Russian dinner table, and the Borjomi company has successfully filed a lawsuit against one of its imitators, but is unsure if it will prevail. Meanwhile, it plans to redesign its labels so that it will be easier to spot its imitators.

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