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Top 5 Tech Bloggers in India

Amit Agarwal is the number one tech blogger in India and a pioneer of Indian blogging. He worked in the US at Goldman Sachs until 2004 and then set up his first tech blog, Labnol. Within a few months, his blog was a hit. He was earning 10 lakhs a month. These days, he makes between two and three lakhs a year. Read on to discover some of the other best tech bloggers in India.

The author of the bestselling book Everything is Fair is a hard-core programmer and a tech-savvy guy from Bihar. He is the founder of A2ZGyaan and The Crazy Programmer and a tech-savvy aspiring entrepreneur. Despite his humble background, he writes in a witty and engaging way that captivates readers. mobile reviews

In addition to writing a weekly blog, Sanjay also does live sessions on various topics related to technology. These sessions run for 2 hours and are held in real time. This means that you don’t have to worry about missing the session, and you can watch it later. Listed below are some of his most popular sessions. These will be helpful to any technology enthusiast. Here are some tips on how to watch them live:

Founded in 2000, the SaveDelete blog has become one of the best-known technology blogs in India. Originally, the blog was started on Blogspot but has since moved to a custom domain on WordPress. Before this, All Tech Media was one of the top tech blogs in India, covering SEO, digital marketing, and tech news. Pradeep Goyal, also a top blogger in India, runs Cash Overflow, a blog with content on finance and how to make money online.

While Neeraj Uddin is not the most prominent tech blogger in India, he has created an audience by writing about tech-related topics. His blog, “Blog Tips and Tricks,” offers tips on how to use technology in your blogs. His audience is mostly college students, but he also has tips for people who want to learn about blogging and entrepreneurship. Aside from his blog, Neeraj Uddin also runs a popular social media website called “Square”.

Amit Uddin is another popular tech blogger in India. His blog, AllTechBuzz, provides news, reviews, and tutorials on technology. It dates back to October 2005, and has an extensive following. Its posts include reviews and news about gadgets and mobiles, as well as gaming. This blog is well worth checking out if you’re a tech nerd.

Ankit Kumar Singla is an entrepreneur and a professional tech blogger. He writes about various topics, including mobile apps and web development. He is also a businessman and has several assets, including rule books and courses. His tech blog focuses on SEO, web development, blogging tips, and affiliate marketing. While his personal blog focuses on his personal interests, he also writes columns on personal technology for various publications.

Ankit Kumar Singla is one of the newest tech bloggers in the country. He started his blog as a hobby at an early age. He loves technology and shares his knowledge through blogs. He’s a web designer and SEO expert who shares his recommendations for tools and software with readers worldwide. While most tech bloggers call themselves experts, Ankit doesn’t prefer calling himself an expert. He simply loves sharing his knowledge with others.

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